MoonSpinner3 Books

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Our Core Belief:

The art and craft of the written word cannot be achieved without the use of three main ingredients: 

Magic, Creativity, and Imagination

Once these ingredients are combined then you are able to:

Create, Write, Grow and Inspire

MoonSpinner3 Books, is a small independent book publisher that was created by our founder and main author, Tiffany M. Dew, to publish her works of fiction. Started in 2016, it has been a growing process of learning and creativity. Although, MoonSpinner3 Books has been a project behind the scenes, it was originally a blog. A blog which had the sole purpose of passing along helpful information to other fellow authors with their own path to publication.

We still are geared towards helping fellow authors/writers, we also want to be a small publication house or titles that focus on fiction whether they are small works or larger works of fiction, but the goal is to tell good stories that both entertain and create an opportunity for our readers to escape for a few hours.

We hope that you will enjoy in our journey. We thank you in advanced for your support.